Apparently, Dundas was friends with John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada and founder of Toronto, who named a small town in Ontario after him as well as the Toronto street. These conversations have resulted in scrutiny of the origins and history of monuments, street names, parks and buildings across our city. He used his influence to recommend delaying the abolition of the slave trade by 15 years. 'Woke' travel guide on Edinburgh's slave trade links says statue of 18th century MP Henry Dundas should be pulled down Travel guide calls for removal of Tory MP Henry Dundas statue from EdinburghDundas delayed abolition of slavery in British colonies for more than a decadeBook looks at debate over renaming buildings and monuments linked to … New signage will explain that Dundas was "instrumental in deferring the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade". Others, notably some of Dundas’s descendants, claim that Dundas actually opposed the slave trade. Henry Dundas as a young lawyer in Edinburgh could never have anticipated how he would first make history. In fact Dundas supported the main clauses of the Bill which curtailed sales to foreign nations and restricted the age of slaves that could be taken, the first intended to make the Bill appear an Anti-French, Spanish etc measure, the second to encourage the slave owners to breed their own labour, and therefore take some care of it, and not rely on a constant resupply from Africa. Alex Orr Edinburgh. The statue of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, towers over St. Andrew Square. Dundas, according to the petition and information found online, was actively opposing the abolition of slavery. Scottish politician Henry Dundas' name is all over Ontario. 1842, he left this, his London leasehold house in Grosvenor Street and the revenue of his English estate to his wife. According to his critics, Dundas, a lawyer and politician, delayed the abolition of slavery in British colonies for 15 years. The petition was created on Tuesday by Andrew Lochhead, a Toronto resident and has already garnered more than 3,800 signatures. Compiled by Glaswegian writer Robin Ward, the book says that Tory politician Dundas is the ‘least deserving’ of the honour of having a statue, which rests on top of Melville Monument in St Andrews Square. Dundas Street 'renamed' Emancipation Street Read More Thursday July 23 2020, 12.01am, The Times. A shop on Dundas Street was vandalised simply because it was beneath the street name, so by the same logic Stewart’s Melville College pupils could be in danger if identified by their blazers. “Simcoe always intended to name it Dundas Street after Henry Dundas.” As a 18th century politician, Dundas fought against the abolition of slavery. The idea of examining whether Dundas Street should be renamed should be considered, Toronto city council decided on Thursday. In 1776, he was a brilliant young lawyer who had just been appointed as Scotland’s Lord Advocate — Scotland’s most senior cabinet minister. When we hear the name Dundas, the first thing that pops to mind is Dundas Street in Edinburgh's city centre. Toronto considers renaming Dundas Street over slavery role. Dundas Street - named after Henry Dundas who is best known for delaying the abolition of slavery in 1792 - was renamed Emancipation Street. Building upon a similar movement in Edinburgh, it was not long before the call to remove the Dundas name spread to other places, such as, in Ontario, London’s main commercial street and Hamilton’s west-end suburb. He devised £5,000 to be invested for the benefit of his nephew William Pitt Dundas, deputy register of Scotland, subject to his wife’s life interest.27 . The abolition of the slave trade, in part due to the actions of Henry Dundas, was ultimately delayed until 1807, a delay which it is reckoned saw an additional 600,000 men, women and children transported into slavery. David Leask. Last week, following widespread Black Lives Matter demonstrations across Canada and the rest of the world, a push began to rename Toronto’s Dundas Street. According to the Let's Rename Dundas Street petition, his legacy is problematic because he opposed the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in the 18th century. Scotland’s most celebrated historian has come to the defence of a late 18th century statesman whose statue towers above Edinburgh and stands accused of prolonging the slave trade.Sir Tom Devine has By his will, dated 1 Apr. "He actively participated in obstructing the abolition of slavery in the British Empire from 1791 to the end of … (1) Dundas’s legal fight for a slave’s freedom. But his complicated historical legacy – which included delaying slavery abolition for 15 years – is under greater scrutiny. The petition aims to scrap the statue in St Andrew's Square which honours Dundas who played a role in delaying the abolition of the slave trade for 15 years in 1792. Call to rename Toronto's Dundas Street gets renewed attention with anti-racism protests Dundas was a Scottish politician in the late 18th century. As you gaze around this prestigious square, your eyes will fall on several buildings that would have been homes or business premises of Scots who made their fortunes in the transatlantic slave trade. The Petition to Rename Dundas Street Discussions on racial injustices, inequality and anti-Black racism are at the forefront around the world in light of the Black Lives Matter movement and recent events. During the meeting, a specific concern was also raised over the Whyte-Melville fountain, dedicated to novelist George Whyte-Melville, in St Andrews, and its correlation with the slave trade. The City of Toronto is currently determining its response to a petition, signed by 14,000 people, to rename Dundas Street, one of the city’s oldest and longest thoroughfares. And it is now widely accepted that as home secretary Dundas played a key role in delaying the abolition of the slave trade by around 15 years – keeping 630,000 people in servitude. Where does the truth lie? The report noted staff had confirmed Dundas Street was named in 1793 by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe, in honour of Henry Dundas, then Great Britain’s Home Secretary. With historians also debating the actions of Henry Dundas, the programme asks how Scotland as a country can come to an agreement on this and its long connections with slavery… But interpreting the role of Henry Dundas in the abolition of slavery “is complicated,” the report noted. They include Balfour Court and Dundas Street in Dunfermline, Plantation Street and Dundas Street in Lochgelly and Balfour Street in Kirkcaldy. In addition to Dundas County, Dundas Street, an early settlement, military, ... Britain banned the slave trade in 1807 and slavery itself within the British Empire was abolished in 1834. In St Andrew's Square there is also a statue dedicated to the 18th-century man which is also known as the Melville Monument. The mayor of Toronto said rebranding a road was just the start. Dundas Street / ˈ d ʌ n ˌ d æ s /, is a major historic arterial road in Ontario, Canada.The road connects the city of Toronto with its western suburbs and several cities in southwestern Ontario.Three provincial highways—2, 5, and 99—followed long sections of its course, although these highway segments have since been downloaded to the municipalities they passed through. The Petition to Rename Dundas Street Discussions on racial injustices, inequality and anti-Black racism are at the forefront around the world in light of the Black Lives Matter movement and recent events. I READ with interest Michael Fry’s column. Ontario's NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who grew up in Hamilton, supported the idea of renaming the Toronto street on Twitter. By Thomas Peace. But Henry Dundas has more than just a street named after him. An online petition made to change to name of Dundas Street as a result of Henry Dundas' opposition to the British abolition of slavery in the 18th century, according to CP24.. Critics say street names should reflect present-day values rather than glorify the likes of Henry Dundas, who delayed Britain's abolition of slavery by 15 years These conversations have resulted in scrutiny of the origins and history of monuments, street names, parks and buildings across our city.

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