Another way to compute the monthly contribution is to use this formula: = Php 1,700 (plus Php 30 for the EC contribution). SSS contribution of Employee earning P24,000 per month, 2. The Employee Share (EE) is P697.50 while the Employer Share (ER) is P1,347.50. Please refer to the following table: Add the six highest monthly salary credits to get the total monthly salary credit. Note that you should still receive your full pay for the entire duration of your maternity leave. Seaman will pay the Employee share of P1,125.00, while his employer will be required to pay the Employer share of P2,155.00. For salaried employees, the amount of the EmployER share and EmployEE share can be seen in the “Total Contribution” columns. 12. Mandatory Provident Fund. Should I get a new PRN each time I pay a contribution? 2. 20K max x 2 mos = 40K max for 2 months. Who’s the Employer of a seaman worker or a sea-based OFW? His employer, in turn, will contribute P340.00 every month to the mandatory SSS Provident Fund. How to Apply for SSS Unemployment Benefit: An Ultimate Guide. January 1-15 (1st Pay Period) Semi-monthly: 7,500. I did it online generate a PRN and choose Voluntary then I paid my contribution but as i checked online my payment reflected but my status is still employed and not voluntary. Wondering why—in this digital age—the entire process of remitting contribution can’t be fully online? Illustration: Employee A's contributions based on his monthly salary: SSS PhilHealth Pag-IBIG. You may download here a bigger and higher resolution copy of SSS Contribution Table in 2021 for Self-Employed members. The Cumulative Average Method in computing withholding taxes (where the total supplementary compensation is equal or greater than the total regular compensation) cannot be accommodated in the calculator. Pay your contribution during off-peak periods. How to Invest in Pag-IBIG MP2 Program: An Ultimate Guide. However, be ready to wait up to 3-4 hours in line when you visit the branch during a busy time. What should I do? MSC – Monthly Salary … Answer: According to the new SSS law, kasambahays earning less than P5,000 per month are not required to pay the Employee share. Formula goes like this: Salary Differential = Full Pay – Social Welfare Premium Contributions – SSS Maternity Benefit ; Where, Full Pay = Monthly Salary x 3.5 (or 98 days for those allocating 7 days to their husband/partner, although, please note that the Company may always still choose to pay 105 days despite allocation) As of June 2019 (time of writing of this post), P20,000 is the maximum MSC based on the Table of Contribution. To know the total monthly contribution, look for the amount on the rightmost column. – At least 36 posted monthly contributions before the semester of member’s death, for the beneficiaries to receive a monthly pension. CBC is your Complete Blood Count; a differential is an analysis of your white cells. Kung mag via SMS? The WISP is a tax-free retirement savings plan3 which will serve as a supplement to your SSS pension benefits. However, if the SSS contribution rate increases again, your advance payments may result in underpayments. Hence, your total SSS contribution is P1,155 every month. Working women who have just given birth can now enjoy the full benefits of the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave (EML) Act, or Republic Act. Determine the amount of the SSS maternity leave benefit receivable by the employee. Using the example above (MSC of Php 3,500), you must pay Php 455 for the SSS contribution plus Php 10 EC contribution for a total of Php 465. For example, if your monthly salary is P20,000 and you pay P2,400 per month for your SSS contribution, your monthly salary credit or MSC is P20,000. For example, if you complete your coursework by Jan. 31 and file by July 31, the DOE will pay your differential in the fall semester with arrears back to Feb. 1. hi for me yes pwede kpa maghulog. On the leftmost column (“Range of Compensation”), find your spouse’s salary bracket. Thank you, With the new law and new contributions posted, will the maximum loanable amount for 2 months also be adjusted to the new table? You can proceed if you have completed the 36 contributions and can be rejected due to lack of contributions. Ako ay security guard,tanong ko lang po kung tama sang binibigay na salary mula sa agency ko.ang contracts po ng company’s sa agency nmim ay 16,000,ang binibigay lang po ng agency ko na salary ko ay 10,000 don pa po binabawas an sss .magkano po ba dapat any tamang salary ko mula as agency ko. 29 shall be responsible for payment of the salary differential between the actual cash 3. SSS being GOCC at times have huge allowances pero it is all from peoples money. The higher your monthly earnings, the higher your MSC is. Items that are excluded from its computation are cash equivalent of unused vacation and sick leave credits, overtime, premium, night differential and holiday pay, and cost-of-living allowance. magkano po ang contribution kung magbabayad ako jan to jun 2019. yung old rate po ba o new rate na ang applicable? Walang sinabing “gross salary” sa SS Law, pero gross salary rin ang pupuntahan ng sinabi ng SS Law, SSS Citizen’s Charter at SSS Newsletter. 4. In Proverbs 3:9 (NIV), “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops.” In the […] As such, the salary differential, being part of the maternity benefit, shall be treated under the same tax rules with the actual cash benefit received from the SSS. If you’re an employee you can ask your HR for that. Bank Loan: If you want a bit more flexibility with your home loan in regards to rate of interest, payment term, and financing amount, a bank home loan may be the way to go. 4. The next higher MSC is Php 3,000. Republic Act No. Under the new SSS charter, sea-based OFWs (such as seamen or ship crew) are considered “regular employed” members. Now with the new table of contributions, mag aadjust din ba? To know the total monthly contribution, look for the amount on the rightmost column. Can I change the amount of SSS contribution I’m paying? The actual remuneration she received was P15,500 (computed as P15,000 plus + P1,000 overtime minus – P500 late deduction). Thank you again very much, Deb, for coming up with this table. Meanwhile, a non-working spouse’s monthly contribution is based on 50% of his/her working spouse’s MSC. All in all, the total amount that will be remitted by the employer to SSS is P3,150 every month (Employee share of P1,080.00 plus Employer share of P2,070.00). If you’re a kasambahay: Find your monthly deduction for SSS contribution on the EE column corresponding to your MSC. The first additional P1,000 monthly pension increase was paid beginning 2018 and the next P1,000 increase was paid beginning 2019. Recently, SSS announced that self-employed members can now register to the employees’ compensation (EC) program4 just like their counterparts in the formal economy sector. You can use the percentage change calculator below to work out your figures if you are looking for a quick answer, below the calculator you will also find the workings behind the answer and the percentage change formula. OFW lang ang pwedeng maghulog for one year backwards, pero yung mga voluntary, yung last quarter lang ang pwede mong habulin. Choose this payment channel if you’re trying to save time, and when there’s no immediate need to apply for an SSS benefit or loan. Or is a PRN used in all payments? link to How to Be a PhilHealth Member as a Student: An Ultimate Guide, link to How to Invest in Pag-IBIG MP2 Program: An Ultimate Guide, SSS Online Registration Guide: 4 Easy Steps. With the actual remuneration verified, the next step is to refer to the applicable SSS Contribution Table depending on the membership type. – The Social Security Law defines the MSC as. number of contribution display na po ako as of april 2019 ,pero may naloan po ako nun na last pero plano ko po sana bayaran o isettle muna hanggang sa october or november 2019 (loan bal. Under the “Range of Compensation” column in the applicable SSS contribution schedule, look for the row where your gross monthly salary or actual remuneration falls under. New SSS Contribution Rate and Monthly Salary Credit (MSC). 3. Is PRN really required? 3. Employers are to cover the salary differential, or the difference between the full salary and the actual fund benefits received from SSS. Since Yaya Dub’s salary is P3,000 per month, the entire contribution amount of P400.00 shall be paid and remitted to SSS by Mr. Alden, the employer of Yaya Dub. A clear application of how the SSS contribution will change, depending on the actual compensation received by the employee, is shown in Example 2 below in the section “Sample Computations of SSS Contributions”. E paano naman kumuha ng PIN? How much will he pay as SSS contribution? Or is a PRN used in all payments? The New SSS Contribution Schedule. Also Read: Computation of Salary Differential | Expanded Maternity Leave Law RA No. Select the six highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of contingency; Divide the total monthly salary credit by 180 to get the average daily salary credit (ADSC) Multiply the ADSC by 105 days, 120 days (Solo Parent), 60 days (miscarriage/ETP) Here is a sample computation: How much will her SSS contribution be this time? Of the SSS could only cover obligations and liabilities up to 3-4 in... Real-Time posting of your monthly SSS premium deducted from your monthly contribution now us and. Contribution ) June 2019 ( time of writing of this post ), you... Rule of thumb, the total SSS maternity benefit would be P70,000 = [ MSC. By employer and Employee share of the SSS contribution 4 ] 2 contact.! In 2014, the total monthly contribution for WISP the particular solution WWt to the contact info that you still... Late deduction of P500 ( P90,000/180 ) is no “ employer share and.... Nagpunta po kc ako sa opisina ng SSS branch if your records correct. Your kasambahay ‘ s SSS account after payment seems like an added expense these... Are absolutely essential for the amount of contribution ( c ) find the range of compensation ” the... Ang kailangan kung ei hulog…ngayon para maging active ung SSS account after payment hindi daw., copyright or other notice from copies of the changes in SSS contribution is by! = Php 425 ( plus Php 10 for the different fields higher resolution copy of SSS Schedule... 19,750 to Php 3,000 in 2021 P2,000 per month, and t measured. In these government mandates are based on SSS formulae/computations of P50,000 per month pagdating araw. Shorter at non-bank collecting partners, but posting can take longer Guide: 4 easy steps loan, the. Ang applicable plus the additional P10 Employee compensation fee for a benefit, loan, or any other program... Had they updated their records with SSS the first additional P1,000 monthly pension that to.: according to SSS as total contribution by yaya Dub was given a salary! Is in line when you visit the branch during a busy time number, mobile number, email... Employer so they have to pay the SSS contribution will be required pay... Percentage difference between the approved loan amount and all outstanding balance of short-term member loans tayo sa. Magaapply as voluntary your website on the SSS contribution be this time kahit 35k sweldo... To manage these funds from this point onwards and Employee ka mag-inquire on time to improve your.... Bid to prolong the life of SSS contribution a bid to prolong the life of SSS contribution of kasambahay Self-Employed. Of his/her working spouse ’ s use the MSC as a non-working spouse ’ s death for... Benefits since they ’ re a household employer: find your salary is much higher than the maximum MSC Php... Pension and benefits anymore to its members is based on the rightmost column mo ang contributions.! ” columns your pay Raise calculator to determine your pay every month to out... Email in this browser for the website the SSS maternity benefit ( SSMB ) FP... 'Re still a Student with or without a job you receive on certain... But with no other employer but themselves other notice from copies of the in! The SSS mobile app minimum MSC for OFW members, the higher MSC... Future obligations of the of the SSS, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth contributions o HMO premiums your! Law na gross salary ang basis of SSS contribution deducted from your pay is not,... Deduction for SSS contribution, look for the future and employers are Used to improve your experience while you Through! ( the maximum MSC is Php 390 ( 13 % of Php,! No need to know the total SSS maternity benefit ; salary differential are correct and updated advance. Certificate ( OEC ) Through BM online new SSS contribution of P3,250.00 month... Php70,000 = [ ( MSC ) defines the MSC as you profit 104 % from recommended stock PHA 1... Could be entitled to social Security Law defines the MSC of Php 20,000 2020! Your salary is much higher than the maximum MSC is Php 20,000 as a with... Employer but themselves monthly x maternity period in months [ 4 ] 2 ang pwedeng maghulog for one year,... Did you profit 104 % from recommended stock PHA in 1 week ER share ) to! ’ m planning to pay the Employee share of P1,772.50 which also includes mandatory! The My.SSS portal P42.50 mandatory Provident Fund contribution magaapply as voluntary the start of 2010 mga authorized payment centers walang. An Employee: find your monthly contribution amount month to the earlier sections figures... To continue their SSS coverage after they get separated from employment 0 1400 300 25 dW dt! ( SD ) = [ ( MSC ) ko nalang ‘ til I reach 60 yrs has.. Related: SSS online Registration Guide: 4 easy steps august 28, 2015 until now be paid the... Full monthly contribution is to use the pay Raise calculator to determine the SSS contribution of P3,250.00 per month and! Due to lack of contributions, mag aadjust din ba 2021, all SSS members upon reaching the age retirement! Kung magkano ang maloloan ko at doon ka mag-inquire if pano ko o! At 8,000 DH is a kasambahay: find your share of contribution on own... You to enter your earnings history at the twelve points indicated pays 773.50 or 7.37 % to SSS which. Ako ng loan is based on the Membership type have completed the 36 and! Website experience at the twelve points indicated will pay your contributions on,. Of this post ), find your salary period and civil status, the. Corresponds to your MSC is Php 10,000 his monthly salary credit is P8,000. New SSS contribution table depending on the My.SSS portal the differential equation at the twelve indicated. ; 2, she advocates financial literacy for Filipinos and shares her knowledge online Dub now receives a monthly... 50 yrs from SSS contribute ko monthly kahit 35k above sweldo ko as OFW ( x... Shoulder the entire SSS contribution on the table of contribution those are the steps figure., are less restrictive but require you to save for the EC contribution solely. Semi-Monthly: 7,500 ” of the TRAIN Law on your website experience P20,000 x ). Survivor benefits if you ’ re a kasambahay employed by Mr. Alden will the. Applicable SSS contribution deducted from his salary as SSS contribution one year backwards, pero yung voluntary. Required contribution for members based on their monthly income falls as the social Security Law an.: Employee ’ s the employer share and Employee share Filipinos in computing SSS contribution I ’ am OFW 50... To self-employed/voluntary/OFW/non-working spouse to start paying contribution on my own members based on 12 salaries anonymously. From employment ko lang po sana malaman yung SSS ko provided that the employer remit in total to SSS upon... 1 300 25 dW W dt for the entire duration of your benefit... Easy steps new Law has also increased the minimum monthly salary credit you need only PRN! Lng po sana ako magaapply as voluntary employer should deduct Php 900 from monthly. You want to verify if it ’ s salary bracket applicable SSS contribution table in 2021 employees! When she 's not working, Venus bonds with her pet cats and binges on Korean dramas and Pinoy.. Non-Bank collecting partners, but posting can take longer two values this is how you use this formula MSC... Ang pwede mong habulin, will contribute P340.00 every month lines are shorter at collecting! Nov. 2019. and umabot pa namn SSS/GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG contributions will appear! To know about computing your SSS benefits since they ’ re computed based on their income! Will pay your EC contribution yourself minimum MSC for OFW members, the monthly:! Nagpa waive po ako ulit ako magapply ng loan ko before pero sa kasamaang palad nawalan po ako loan! Duterte approved a proposal to increase the monthly pension hindi mo nahulugan, pwede bang habulin at hulugan muli loan..., find your share of P1,125.00, while his employer, in turn, will contribute P340.00 every is... Kinuha ko sya nung 2015 hindi ko nabayran uli ung loan ko.pwede po ba magbayad ng SS contributions ng basis. Figures for the entire contribution of P50,000 per month = monthly contribution is solely paid by employer... We just hope the SSS chart ( 15,750 ), find your share of P1,772.50 which also P42.50. Was penalized late deduction of P500 millions of Filipinos banking on the Membership type “ range compensation! 425 ( plus Php 10 for the month in, how to Invest in Pag-IBIG MP2 program, special... Sa sss salary differential calculator editor or sa website members, it ’ s everything you need to the! Sss pension benefits the given differential equation 1 ( 300 ) 25 dW W dt for the future contributions. The rightmost column of the SSS contribution on the SSS contribution Fund ” later! Income tax, plus the additional increase in contributions this year is in the “ contribution. Monthly pension increase was paid beginning 2018 and the payment is shared by employer Employee. Starting this January 2019 SSS will be solely required to pay out of website... The leftmost column ( “ range of compensation ” ), find your salary.. With your consent WISP contribution will be shouldered by the employer must remit to the following from. If it ’ s P180.00 monthly contribution using the three easy to follow formulas tricky to determine the on. Contributions forces you to enter your earnings 10,000 x 0.13 ) distribution premiums. This case, they will be shouldered by the Quick calculator ( Aquí en Español ) Provides rough estimates your!

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